Whether a new build, restoration or renovation, the most important part of any structure is the structure itself – foundations, retaining walls, beams, and more are what help buildings stand the test of time – just like Chester Consultants.

Civil & Environmental

Whether land development, sediment and erosion control, stormwater management, earthworks, waste water systems or water supply, the team from Chester Consultants can be involved in civil engineering projects from concept to completion.


Fire engineering is all about keeping you, and the people you are responsible for, safe. In other words, it’s “the art and science of designing buildings and facilities for life safety and other property protection in the event of an unwanted fire.”


With earthquakes becoming a regular occurrence around the country, it’s hugely important to ensure that your structures will survive seismic shocks. That’s where Chester Consultants come in.

If you want a responsive team with skills across the board, personal service, onsite monitoring, and dedication to helping you create what you need, contact Chester Consultants now –
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